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The Future of Labor Market

JobInn is the innovative solution to the current labor shortage crisis. Tap into your local community to find help exactly when you need it. Say goodbye to overpriced employment agencies and hello to a more flexible, productive future

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Advantages of using

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Unlock Productivity

Simplify your life or boost your business with immediate, flexible help exactly when you need it.

Advantageous prices

Our services are better and more affordable than other alternatives on the market.

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Strengthen Your Team

Build a reputation as an employer of choice in your community.

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Lessen the reliance on your regular employees with flexible help when needed.

Who are the workers of JobInn ?


Capitalize on students' flexible schedules and eagerness to work, transforming potential challenges into unique opportunities.

Your surrounding community

JobInn allows everyone to earn extra income. Many community members are ready and willing to assist you, providing contractual and occasional help when needed.

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Adapt and Overcome with JobInn.

In an evolving market, JobInn is your innovative solution to the labor shortage. Say goodbye to manpower worries.

vacant jobs in Quebec by 2030
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Tailored for Your Needs

Addressing labour shortages. Boosting student life quality and productivity for all.


Be the Architect of Your Life. Work when you want, for whom you want, and maintain your independence.

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Overcome labour shortages by tapping into a flexible, dynamic student workforce ready to contribute when you need them.

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Make Life Work for You. Hire help, or earn extra. JobInn connects you with opportunities for both.

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Though not yet available to the general public, you can request an invitation for our exclusive beta version. Be one of the first to experience JobInn!

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